Physics of Life 2023, Harrogate UK


We are planning a new large-scale conference Physics of Life 2023 representing the wide diversity of the UK biological physics community. Organised jointly by the Physics of Life Network (PoLNET3), IoP Biological Physics, the BBS, Physics of Living Matter and Physics meets Biology, this in-person meeting will project the excitement of science at the interface between physics and biology. In addition to keynote lectures, the conference will feature parallel sessions on a full breadth of topics, with many contributed talks, thereby ensuring a wide focus and inclusion of the most exciting science.

Keynote speakers: Buzz Baum (UK), Ibrahim Cisse (Germany), Michael Elowitz (USA), Prisca Liberali (Switzerland), Lisa Manning (USA), Petra Schwille (Germany), Xavier Trepat (Spain).

Parallel sessions: Biomolecular assemblies and condensates; Cancer; Cell architecture and forces; Cell metabolism and growth; Chromatin and gene regulation; Climate, ecology and epidemiology; Clocks, timers and cell cycle dynamics; Differentiation and development; Engineering cells and organoids; Evolution; Imaging and single molecule biology; Immunity, resistance and host/pathogen dynamics; Machine learning; Natural and synthetic molecular machines; New and notable techniques; Patterns, waves, transport and flows; Protein structure, dynamics and interactions; Synthetic biology; Tissue growth, mechanics and mechanosensing.

Although the meeting date is still over 12 months away, we wanted to make everyone aware so that you can block out March 27-30, 2023 in your diaries. More detailed information on the conference programme and on how to register and submit abstracts will follow in the coming months. But for the time being, you can register your interest at the conference website and follow the latest developments on Twitter using @PhysicsOfLifeMeet.

The conference is an unprecedented opportunity for us to showcase our vibrant community, and how we can drive rapid progress in some of the most important problems of contemporary science. But to do this, we need your support by attending the meeting as a group leader, postdoc or PhD student. We hope to see you in Harrogate in 2023!

Kind regards

The Conference committee: Martin Howard (John Innes Centre, Chair), Karis Baker (University of Durham), James Briscoe (The Crick Institute), Olwyn Byron (University of Glasgow), Kevin Chalut (University of Cambridge), Pietro Cicuta (University of Cambridge), Mark Leake (University of York), Laura Machesky (The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research & University of Glasgow), Ewa Paluch (University of Cambridge), Andrew Turberfield (University of Oxford), Mark Wallace (King's College London)