PoLNet2 announces objectives.

PoLNet2, the second phase of an EPSRC (and now BBSRC) Grand Challenge research theme on the Physics of Life (PoL), commenced in 2017.  Its aims are to shape research programmes, new topics, and continue to grow interdisciplinary connections at the Biology-Physics interface in a sustainable way.

There are 6 PoLNet2 objectives and associated activities:

  1. Develop research questions from PoLNet1 into active research programmes.
  2. Continue to create a pipeline of new PoL research challenges.
  3. Move to a sustainable UK PoL community by working very closely with the British Biophysical Society (BBS) and the Institute of Physics (IoP) Biological Physics Group (BPG), and partner Universities.
  4. Grow the community of biologists who engage with the PoL community, its activities and subsequent research programmes, working jointly with EPSRC and BBSRC and other funders to address wherever possible the highlighted topics of BBSRC with EPSRC  collaborative science.
  5. Extend the Network by research partnerships with the relevant industrial sector (through a series of industry-oriented workshops) building on IoP and BBS links.
  6. Deliver a resource of pedagogical material for PoL, online and through graduate schools.

What PoLNet2 can do for you: If YOU have an idea for a research workshop that brings biologists and physicists together around a research area and need support and funding, PoLNet2 could help!  Find out more about calls for workshop proposals here