Self-assembled peptides: from nanostructure to bioactivity

Kavli Royal Society Centre, Chicheley Hall, UK

The meeting, organised by Professor Ian Hamley, Professor Dek Woolfson, Professor Louise Serpell, Dr Alberto Saiani and Professor Raffaele Mezzenga, takes place on 24 – 25 October 2016 will discuss exciting emerging themes enhancing our understanding of self-assembly of peptides. Recent research into the control of peptides has allowed the creation of unique structures that have enhanced or targeted bioactivity. By controlling their self-assembly, their usage can be expanded into fields such as drug development, tissue engineering and combating antimicrobial resistance, and more can be learnt about their role in diseases such as Alzheimers and Diabetes, with potential therapeutic gains. The meeting will cover several classes of self-assembling peptide and related molecules including amyloid peptides, lipopeptides and coiled coil peptides. These meetings aim to provide a platform for leaders within their field, in addition to early career scientists, to meet for networking and discussion. More information, including the current programme, speakers and registration link, can be found on the meetings webpage; .