55 Years of British Biophysics

20th May 2015. Weston Library, Oxford University. The British Biophysical Socety was founded in 1960 to promote interdisciplinary research accross the sciences. Nobel laureate John Kendrew helped found the BBS and this one day meeting will mark the archiving of the minutes of the society into the Kendrew archive by the Bodleian Library. This meeting will reflect on the early days of the society and make a link with cutting edge British Biophysics.

Meeting Schedule

14:15 Scientific Programme, Weston Library.

14:20 Richard Henderson

14:45 Tuomas Knowles. Biophysical insights into protein aggregation.

15:10 Julea Butt

15:35 Break

16:00 Robert Gilbert. Pores: seeing is believing.

16:25 Tony North. British Biophysics: Reminiscences from the early days.

16:55 What is Biophysics? A lecture by Prof. Mark Sansom.

17:20 Handover and Reception in Blackwell Hall.


For further information and to register please contact 55years@britishbiophysics.org